Rossi Boots Image

Rossi Boots are made using the highest quality full-grain, suede, and nubuck leather. With the style, comfort and durability you’d expect from a business with as much skin in the boot making game as they do, Rossi Boots aim to please. If you’re a long time Rossi wearer, you’ll know what we mean. For the first timers out there, your hard working feet with thank you once you’ve slipped into a pair of Rossis.

In 1908 Arthur “Possie” (short for Possum) Rossiter began making boots in his back shed, unaware he’d be creating a business which would span 4 generations. In 1915, to do his bit for the war, Possie designed a combat boot “fit for our boys”. The success of that boot in WWI lead to a decades long association with the Australian defence force and an enduring legacy that a Rossi Boot must be tough, comfortable and ready for action. Arthur laid the foundation that the business still operates on today, a love for life and genuine passion for boots that do the job. When you wear a Rossi Boot, you wear a little piece of Aussie history and little piece of Arthur’s passion from 110 years ago.

Rossi boots are available now from Rhino Workwear at 209 River Street in Ballina. When you need the best boots or shoes for your workplace, come to Rhino Workwear for great brands, fantastic customer service, and awesome prices.