Jetpilot Workwear

Built on a history of innovation and progression, the new Jetpilot Workwear category chases the vision of a work life balance, whilst maintaining the signature premium product that Jetpilot is renowned for.

With over 32 years of tested product in the action sports and apparel industry, Jetpilot know the ins and outs of garment construction (even if they enjoy a few sneaky frothies on the side).

From the performance driven, to the lifestyle induced, Jetpilot invites you to experience the progressively unique workwear capsule that combines the work site camaraderie with tradesman functionality.

Jetpilot Workwear is for those who work, but work to live.

Jetpilot Workwear is available now from Rhino Workwear at 209 River Street in Ballina. When you need the best boots or shoes for your workplace, come to Rhino Workwear for great brands, fantastic customer service, and awesome prices.