Rhino Workwear specialises in providing branded uniforms for schools, clubs, and businesses. Placing your logo on your uniforms can be the most powerful and economical advertising tool you will ever use. We all understand the appeal of a smart looking uniform.

Rhino Workwear Embroidery Image
“Loni from Rhino Workwear helped me modernise my uniforms. They are now cool and comfortable, and they project the right image for my company. I’m really happy with the result.” – Chris Cubis, Byron Steel

Needle and thread embroidery is one of the special techniques we recommend for branding a uniform. Our embroidery machines are computer programmed, high speed, versatile, and deliver a high-quality finish that’s hard wearing. Embroidery will often outlast the life of the garment itself.

We reproduce your logo by ‘digitising’ it. This involves formatting the design so our embroidery program recognises it and can use different coloured threads to stitch the design onto the garments. We need a high quality soft copy file of your logo/artwork (AI, PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc) to digitise it properly. If you don’t have one, we can create it for you.

Embroidery is the best choice for logos up to 10 centimetres square on business shirts, work polos, jackets, and hats. It is not ideal for large designs or designs with fine details and many colours. Screen printing or sublimation may be preferable in those cases and Rhino Workwear can look after those jobs for you too. We will work closely with you to match your logo with the right clothing and branding solution. It is important to ensure your artwork and garments complement each other.

Speak to any of our salespeople to help design your uniform and logo. Our prices are competitive, there is no minimum or maximum order quantity, and turn around is fast. You will be thrilled by the result.